Monday, January 11, 2010


King Solomon's Mines (1950). Romance/adventure film based on the 1885 novel Henry Rider Haggard. Cast: Deborah Kerr, Stewart Granger, and Richard Carlson. Directer: Compton Bennett. The movie won Academy Awards for Best Cinematography, Color and Best Film Editing and was nominated for Best Picture. In this film version, it changes Haggard's plot to include a female lead. In 1959, a sequel titled Watusi was made by the same studio.

Africa(1897), white hunter and guide Allan Quatermain is through with his passion for adventure after the death of his native friend in an elephant stampede. Englishwoman Elizabeth Curtis, wants to hire him to take her and her brother John Goode on a expedition through Africa to find her missing husband Henry. Who disappeared in the unexplored part of Africa on an adventure to find the legendary mines. Allan needs money to send to his son in England, so he agrees to lead them on safari. Allan is given a 400 year old map to King Solomon's diamond mines, Henry's final destination. They then begin their journey, a spectacular adventure across the African desert. One of my favorite scenes, is a Amazing stampede of zebras, giraffes and other wild animals forces the expedition members to take cover. Will they find Elizabeth's lost husband?

They do not make movies like this anymore, and you are going to have a hard time finding this kind of African footage in any other film.


Paul 2 said...

Dawn, I just put this on DVD, A couple of "fun Facts. First,Robert Surtees, did the cinematography, his son Chris is also a DOP. Second this was Stewart's first American film, to mqke him lot older for the role they gave him gray hair around the temples,and he was not MGM's first choice for the role Errol Flynn was. And Stewart Granger's real name is (I'm not kidding) James Stewart.

Dawn said...

Paul, Too funny. Thank you for adding some FUN FACTS.