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Elephant Walk (1954) Adventure/romance/drama. Director: William Dieterle, Cast: Elizabeth Taylor, Dana Andrews, Peter Finch and Abraham Sofaer. based on the novel "Elephant Walk" by Robert Standish(1898-1981).

An England, book shop clerk Ruth, is looking forward to her upcoming marriage to John Wiley, the owner of a Ceylon tea plantation. When Ruth arrives at Elephant Walk, Ruth is thrilled that John's "bungalow" is really a mansion. Troubling her, is the fact that John's father built the mansion across the path of the elephants on their way to water. Ruth is surprised to learn John's father is buried in a marble grave behind the house. Soon John's friends and his overseer, Dick Carver, drop by the house to meet Ruth. Dick, who is leaving for Paris the next day, tells Ruth not to take Tom legacy too seriously. Later that night, Ruth is awakened by the sound of John and his friends playing polo on bicycles across the mansion's wood floors.

When Ruth tells John she was frightened by the noise, he calls her childish. Ruth runs crying back to her bedroom, John follows and apologizes.

The next day, Ruth tours the enormous kitchen with Appuhamy. He shows Ruth the items that were the favorites of "the old master".

Since games absorb much of John's time, his friend Dick and Ruth soon become involved. Now wanting to leave the a house, Ruth asks Dick to take her to Paris. But an epidemic of cholera suddenly breaks out, and everyone on the plantation is put under quarantine.

Will John come out from under his fathers spell in time to save his marriage and his tea plantation?

This film is a great Elizabeth Taylor flick. She is absolutely gorgeous and makes the right decision in the end.


Vivien Leigh was originally cast. Illness began affecting filming, so she was replaced by Elizabeth Taylor. Many long shots and shots from behind are still of Leigh.

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